We use vowels. They’re good for you.


by PatrickMason

I have been using JOTT as a way to drop myself reminders when I am travelling.  To Jott you call a number and then tell it who you want to “Jott”, then dictate your note and hang up.  Based on the profile you set up on the web, it will then forward an e-mail to you or whoever else you want with your dictation translated to text.  Handy.

I recently put my business partner, John Sheridan on my list so I could send him e-mails more easily.  While setting that up I noticed that Jott now has integration to web services like Twitter, WordPress and Google calendar. Now, not only is Jott great for taking notes, but you can blog, bulk e-mail, and twitter all from your phone.   Nice tool, and free to boot!

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