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Social media inside

by PatrickMason


Google Apps  has upped the ante for on-line work oriented collaboration suites. Replacing the intranet [in my mind], they have just added video to the package, now allowing companies to share e-mail, chat, office documents and now YouTube style, in-house videos.

It’s easy to imagine how this sort of thing might be handy for sharing information within the corporate walls.

I am in the midst of managing several projects and I would love, LUVVV, to have my teams using Google Apps to create, share and exchange content.  My problem, and I suspect the problem of many others is that the the IT department would turn inside out getting their heads around  switching from MS Office, SharePoint, and the LAN.  Nevertheless, projects are inherently social things [ahem] so a media platform that tips the hat in that direction only make sense.

Has anyone out there used Google Apps, or maybe even 37 Signal’s Basecamp to manage a project?  We use this stuff to run our business internally.  Unfortunately, when it comes to clients we get stuck in old school stuff. Maybe the shame is on us.  Maybe part of the value we need to be delivering is not just what to do, but how to do it too.

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  1. just liked your group on fb. At least I hope it is urs.

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