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What is Social Media  404?

It is a platform for all social media specialists, professionals, who want to move their media presence to another level. To step up your game, you need to constantly educate yourself in the niche. And, btw. did you know what 404 meant?

The very potential of the online business is extremely tempting, but the process and the challenges that we must face on day to day basis were not something easy peasy. There are way too many things that we can consider when attempting to start our own online business based on our business experience. Or, maybe even an existing online business, especially if you are not someone who is overly familiar with the online world or even had never built a business before. That just makes things much more difficult for you, as you can guess…

But hey, we all gotta start somewhere, right. Some of the benefits that we can get would be:

– Save the cost of renting premises and employees
– The extreme ease of access via the internet, anytime and from anywhere, 24 hours 7 days a week, basically always, till the end of days.

And while you absolutely can hire a professional, say a consultant, to improve your business, you also can do it yourself the old good way. Which is… to actually learn the skills yourself. You can learn everything about basically anything and then, as a matter of fact, sell your skillset to other businesses. Yes, you can become a consultant. But how to do it if you lack the skills? Well, it’s crucial to start at the right place. And that could be an online course. Mr. Sam Ovens might be the best guy to teach this. Sam Ovens’ course on consulting is called the Consulting Accelerator and it’s been very successful.


An interesting point is actually promoting your online business.

  1. Promotion Through The Very Social Media

Sure. Social media can also serve as a media campaign. Original thought? Besides social media also serves as an intermediary standing emotional kinship between the seller and the prospective buyer. Social media which we suggest to promote media are for example Instagram, Facebook, About.Me, Twitter etc. If you are using Facebook as a promotional medium, you should be savvy enough to promote it through the use of fans page. No big deal.

2) Promotion Through Your Web Or Through Your Blog

The next logical step is best done when your business has been established and stable, running with some nice black numbers. Promotion through web/blog has way too many advantages to miss this opportunity, such as a wider customer coverage. And besides, when it comes to sales, you just look professional.

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